About Rolfing®

What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing®, AKA Structural Integration, Is a unique personalized form of body/mind education that balances tensions held in the body's tissues. This process supports the renewal of natural fluidity, vitality, and ease of movement.

How Does Rolfing® Work?

When the tissues of the body lose balanced tone, there tend to be limitations not only in structure and movement, but also in the perception of stress and overwhelm. The inverse is also true; when we experience prolonged stress or challenge, the body tends to respond by protecting itself by shortening and densifying tissues. This connection between physical experience and the perception of stress are deeply intertwined. Through physical and functional education, Rolfing® allows for the discovery of greater potential in structure and function. In many cases this potential is far more available than we realize.

How Is Rolfing® Unique?

Through whole-person education, Rolfing® facilitates a connection with your own innate self-healing intelligence. Because it is uniquely wholistic, it tends to enhance not only physical wellbeing, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual ease and wellbeing as well.

How Does Rolfing® Feel?

The Rolfing® process utilizes a wide spectrum of touch, from very light touch to slow, deep pressure. Clients generally report being surprised by how efficient and appropriate the contact is. Each client brings a unique history and set of needs, so the work is always custom tailored. The comfort level of each person is a central factor in how the work progresses. Because of it's client-centered approach, it is important that each client takes an active role as a participant in the process. The work is not "done to you", but rather is "done with you". Through this process the client learns that self-healing is always an available resource.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Because each person has a unique history and set of goals, the optimal number of sessions varies. Traditionally, the work is offered in a series of 10 sessions. Doing the 10 session series is an excellent way to more fully experience what Rolfing can offer, though it is not a requirement. Most people are initially unsure of how Rolfing® can help them, so I suggest starting with a single session to find out if it's a fit. A series of 3,5,10 or any other number of sessions can be designed to suit your needs. After completing a full series many clients find it beneficial to return for 2-5 "tune-up" sessions per year to support continued functional progression.

How Often Should I Schedule Sessions?

Generally, it is ideal to receive sessions once a week. However it still works as well to receive sessions up to once a month. Scheduling sessions on the same day at the same time is optimal, but again not necessary. Many clients have inconsistent schedules and your series is custom fit to work best for your needs.

Does Rolfing® Last?

Rolfing® is noted for its capacity to facilitate lasting change. This is due to the deeply balancing effects that Rolfing® has on both structure and function, mind and body. Its benefits go far beyond simply providing relief from symptoms; by reconnecting with our self-healing nature we can step into feeling more whole, guided by our own present moment awareness. If you have a problem that "keeps coming back" Rolfing® may be well-suited to support an alternative to that experience.

What Is The Cost?

A standard 70 minute session with Bridge is $140.