Bridge Morgan, Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Supporting Quality of Life and the Fulfillment of Individual Potential

Bridge Morgan, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolfing® works to help you reach your individual goals, as expressed in your body. For many people, the goal that forms the framework of a Rolfing® series is to find freedom from pain or strain. Others are interested in improving their posture or returning to activities which they've had to give up. Rolfing® doesn't stop at symptom relief; this work is incredibly innovative as it helps to support the expression of freedom in your body/mind experience. In many cases this freedom exceeds what we may have previously thought was possible.

Whatever your goal is, Rolfing® works to help you build on your inherent self-healing capabilities. What does "self-healing" mean? With the right support from self, other, and environment, we all have the capacity to integrate limiting body/belief patterns and engage more fully with the present moment. As you become more resourced you may learn that old injuries, patterns, and age may not be as restrictive or "permanent" as previously thought. This unique perspective can offer a refreshing sense of renewed hope and possibility.

As a holistic approach, Rolfing® takes into account all systems, structures, and aspects of each unique individual. Rolfing® addresses strain and belief patterns that show up in the physical body as a result of injury, stress, fear, or overwhelm. The patterns that form from these stressors can  make us feel like we are "stuck in a rut". Rolfing® is effective at supporting the freedom of movement and function that is in our nature as human beings. Rolfing® is a natural, safe, intuitive, and efficient way to feel more potential and ease in your life!